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 Why a Home Based Business? The Alternative To a Job. We all have a choice we can either design or life by operating our own home based business and control our destiny as an entrepreneur or be a slave at a J-O-B.



EZcard is a webAPP that works on Smartphones and functions as your business card and connection point for the things you want to present. Each “card” can display your contact info and the things you want to show, like web pages, videos, photos and audio clips, social feeds, portfolios, and more. You have your choice of color schemes and visual elements, along with promotion and notification options. It’s editable by you, and is simple to create and maintain. EZcard allows you to always have the information related to you on your Smartphone.  

Are Traditional Business Cards a Waste? Did you know that 88% of business cards that are handed out are thrown out in in the first week? With over 10 BILLION business cards printed in the U.S. alone, that is a pretty astounding statistic (and a frightening amount of waste). 

If nine out of ten of my cards go in the trash, what’s the point of getting any at all?

There are still plenty of reasons to have traditional cards for your business, but in our new digital age - digital business cards are a vital part of networking


NCOME FOR LIFE!!  Hello, and welcome! With Global Domains International, anyone (including you) can create and host their own WordPress blog at their own custom .WS domain. In addition to my WordPress blog, I also have access to the following products: